Nano SRT

Q: What Is Stress Reduction Therapy?
A: SRT is a remarkable new procedure that combines the disciplines of Acupuncture, Biofeedback and Homeopathy with Laser Light technology. A computerized scan or test is done to see what your body is sensitive to, and how it is out of balance, then help it learn not to be.

Q: What does the NanoSRT do? 

Substance specific frequencies converted to a digital format, and presented in the form of sound and light, are what allow for patient assessment and therapy down to the molecular level. The frequencies are what make it possible to assess thousands of substance sensitivities in mere minutes, then allow the brain and nervous system to record a new association that is positive or neutral instead of the inappropriate ones that were previously stored in memory. This breaks the link between the stimulus and response, makes symptoms unnecessary, creates balance and harmony, from dis-ease and disharmony, and allows the body to function better .

Q: What types of health care practitioners use the Nano SRT?
A: Because the Nano SRT/BioScan is a non-invasive and painless therapy it falls under the scope of practice for many types of physicians, including but not limited to Medical Doctors (MD), Doctors of Chiropractic (DC), Doctors of Osteopathy (DO), Homeopathic Doctors, Naturopathic Doctors and Acupuncturists.

Q: Is the Nano SRT Wellness System safe for both the doctor and patient?

A: Yes. In a very simple analogy, the Nano SRT emits energetic frequencies during an assessment which
are essentially no different than sound waves. Our device measures the patient's sensitivity to these frequencies which are no more harmful than frequencies generated by listening to the radio at home or in your car.

Q: Does insurance cover assessment and therapy?
A: At this time, therapy and assessment are provided on a cash basis and are not yet covered by insurance. However, if your insurance offers a Flexible Spending Account (FSA) you may be able to apply the services toward that account.

Q: Why should I pay for this service?
A:Compared to managing your symptoms, and the fact that most other treatments prove unsuccessful, this is a
relatively inexpensive, alternative, effective option, that can relieve a lifetime of suffering, in a short period of time. Our goal is to make you well and we will provide care until we clear your symptoms.

Q: What does a typical full course of therapy cost?
A: We can tell you is that we have several hundred doctors across the country that utilize the Nano SRT
within their practice and that charges will vary from clinic to clinic

Q: I have heard of other devices using frequencies or "digital signals" to assess allergies. How
does the Nano SRT compare to them?

A: The Nano SRT is both patented and FDA-cleared for Neurological Relaxation Training or what we call
Stress Reduction Therapy. Please read about stress and energy therapy and the direct relationship between stress and allergies as well as other symptoms and illnesses. The Nano SRT is unique in that it is fully automated and
can achieve objective results for an exponentially greater range of substances in a fraction of the time. The Nano
SRT is fast, easy, painless, highly accurate, non-invasive and safe -- making it the best holistic device
available. Some companies use misleading statements in their marketing, even referring to their product as a "laser
allergy treatment". These companies use outdated technology that may not been evaluated by the FDA and has no
proven therapeutic benefits. Do your research and make sure your doctor is using the Nano SRT. The Nano SRT does not treat or cure allergies or any other types of illness or disease.

Q: What does the Nano SRT treat?
A: The Nano SRT Wellness System does not diagnose or treat any specific condition. Through the use of our FDA cleared biofeedback technology, the Nano SRT/BioScan is able to assess with a very high degree of specificity which
substances create increased levels of stress to the body. These specific stress inducing substances are often times what trigger the nervous systems fight or flight reactions which are expressed in a myriad of symptoms that have been
scientifically proven to be associated with high levels of stress. "According to The American Medical Association
(AMA), stress is the cause of 80 to 85 percent of all human illness and disease. Every week, 95 million Americans
suffer some kind of stress-related symptom for which they take medication." Our belief is that through the use of our
state-of-the-art technology, the Nano SRT can safely, effectively and quickly reduce stress which will
therefore provide for increased health.